Venting solutions for containers (Part 4)

The series "venting in containers and more" continues ... in our last post: FLUXX® customized membrane solutions – made by SABEU.

In addition to our previously introduced standard products (Degassing Inserts and Vented Caps), we also offer customized/tailored membrane solutions to deliver pressure compensation and venting for Packaging & Industrial applications.

As the premiere manufacturer and expert for membrane as well as injection molding products, we can provide, and develop venting solutions based on specific requirements for our business partners.

A variety of customized membrane solutions:

Our products are established in a wide range of market segments – in Packaging applications (e.g. containers: bottles, jerrycans, drums, IBC) as well as Industrial applications (e.g. electronic devices: batteries, sensors, lighting, control units, automotive components, etc.).

We look forward to supporting you and finding the right venting solution!

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