TRAKETCH® Filter Membranes for LBC-, PAP-testing and urine analysis

Conventional pap smear tests easily reach their limits due to their method immanent variable thickness of the smear. With our TRAKETCH® Membrane (PFOA-free) based solution inconsistencies associated with manual preparation can be avoided.

During the cell transfer step the cylinder is inverted and the microporous membrane is contacting the glass slide. Air pressure from behind the filter as well as the hydrophilic and smooth treatment of the membrane aids the cells’ natural attraction to the glass slide.


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Dennis Benkmann

Blue - Non-Gyn (5.5 µm)

Ultra-Thin layer microporous filter for "Liquid Based Cytology (LBC)" for Automated Processors.

Pink - Gyn (7.0 µm)

Ultra-Thin layer microporous filter most used for PAP-Testing.

Yellow - Urine (8.5 µm)

Ultra-Thin layer microporous filter used for urine analyses.