Sterile venting

TRAKETCH® Membranes by SABEU form a barrier to protect against the tiniest microorganisms and thus protect sensitive electronic devices or the human body.


Tool shop

In our own mold production, we manufacture, maintain and repair diverse injection molding tools with precision and CNC support. Get assistance for your application.


Clean room

SABEU products are made in controlled environments as well as ISO Class 8 clean rooms. We place special emphasis on biocompatibility and premium quality.


Your challenges

Disposable medical products, such as colostomy bags, wound dressings or infusion sets come into direct contact with the patients. Hence, they have to be highly sterile and require FDA-compliant manufacturing. This applies to every single product component. Especially to components, where air is being exchanged, for instance on a cover or other openings…

Our solutions

Sterile SABEU ventilation solutions include unrivaled pore precision. Consequently, they make sterility possible in locations where this is extremely difficult to achieve. Our TRAKETCH® Membranes (PFOA-free) can be easily integrated into closure systems. After they have passed a USP Class VI toxicity test, they are biocompatible, FDA compliant and ultrapure. They are ideal for placement in administering systems for medications since they do not contain volatile or extractable compounds.