FLUXX® products

Dispensing Taps

FLUXX® Dispensing Taps for the efficient support of clean dosage processes with a wide range of liquids

Off-the-shelf products

Degassing Inserts

FLUXX® Degassing Inserts for the continuous ventilation of containers and other applications

Off-the-shelf products

Vented Caps

FLUXX® Vented Caps as ready-to-use product solutions for the continuous pressure compensation in containers

Off-the-shelf products

Screw Caps

FLUXX® Screw Caps in a variety of standard thread sizes for use in a wide range of packaging solutions

Off-the-shelf products

Your challenges

Packaging solutions such as bottles, canisters, barrels or IBC containers require components that are not only high quality but have also been intelligently developed and reliably designed. Regardless of whether the task at hand is the storage of chemicals or the exact dosage of a liquid, the safe storage and clean dispensing is contingent upon appropriate containers and closure components...

Our solutions

SABEU provides you with the best state-of-the-art solutions when it comes to packaging products: Made in Germany and – if you wish – individually configured. Our portfolio of patented off-the-shelf products that are part of the FLUXX® series ranges from ready-to-use packaging components (e.g. Dispensing Taps, Degassing Inserts, Vented Caps and Screw Caps) to combinations of standard and special components, like integrated filter membranes with unique degassing properties.