Product development

Tailor-made solutions from plastics, membrane and assembly

In close dialog with our customers, we develop specific plastic molding solutions and membranes for future products. We aspire to bring innovative and high-quality products to market acceptance with our customers – always in compliance with the regulatory provisions.

A well-balanced interaction of ergonomics, appearance, functionality, technology and ecology is very important to us. Only the interdisciplinary cooperation between expert divisions guarantees a customer-focused realization of ideas. A systematically designed modular R&D process creates transparency and allows us to step in during any product development phase. Our long-term OEM partners are international companies active in the medical technology, biotechnology, laboratory diagnostics, packaging and further industries.

From injection molding tools to assembly – SABEU plastic components are made in our new and ultramodern plant which includes its own tool shop in Northeim, Germany. As a medical technology, biotech and laboratory diagnostics system vendor, we work under clean room conditions and guarantee our customers highly precise solutions for every application.

TRAKETCH® Filter Membranes by SABEU are mainly used for the filtration as well as for venting in a number of applications and markets – predominantly in the pharmaceutical, laboratory analysis, bio technology as well as the chemical and pharmaceutical packaging, the automotive and electronics industries.