Life Sciences

Rapid microbiology

For concise real time analyses – thanks to innovative SABEU products, such as our TRAKETCH® PET Black, it is possible to directly collect evidence of living organisms on the Membrane.


Cell culture

cellQART® Cell Culture Inserts and Membranes from SABEU guarantee the best possible conditions for reproducible cell culture results in a quality controlled and safe manner.

Off-the-shelf products



Prepare your samples perfectly: The hydrophilic surface properties of our TRAKETCH® Membranes facilitate the transfer of cell specimen to object media.


Sterile venting

SABEU's TRAKETCH® Membranes enable sterile ventilation to protect microorganisms from the environment, or, vice versa, shield the environment against microorganisms.


Your challenges

The growing of cell cultures or the examination of tissue samples hinge on a dependable foundation: A membrane that makes exact sample filtering possible – any time.

Our solutions

There is a distinct difference between TRAKETCH® Membranes by SABEU and other products: Precisely defined pore channels you can customize. Hence, you decide what will go through the Membrane and what will absolutely remain (100 %) on its surface. Thanks to the fact that the TRAKETCH® Membrane’s surface is especially smooth, the sample can be taken again and again without any damages, which is of particular importance with, for instance, cell engineering in the treatment of cancer or for artificial skin transplantations...

For the more expeditious detection of microorganisms, we offer a special Membrane with no fluorescence of its own. When fluorescent dye is added to our deep black TRAKETCH® PET Black, organisms can be directly identified on the Membrane in real time after 1–2 hours.