Sterile Venting

for laboratory and hospital applications

Sterile venting is mostly indispensable in Life Sciences and Medical settings.

The lab environment needs to be protected against microorganisms – but conversely, living microorganisms also need to be protected against contamination from the outside. It is also vital to ensure that no microorganisms can enter patients through the contact with medical devices. At the same time, openings in these devices to the outside need to be equipped with sterile air filters in order to protect the environment against potential contamination.

Our TRAKETCH® PET 0.2 VENT meets these requirements in several respects. First, this filter membrane provides a reliable barrier against even the smallest microorganisms, both in liquids and in air. Second, the VENT membrane keeps out liquids thanks to its super-hydrophobic (oleophobic) surface, that is PFOA-free, of course.

In addition, TRAKETCH® Membranes are not only biocompatible as per USP Class VI but are also stable against all sterilization methods, including gamma irradiation. Their extremely smooth surface also causes liquids to form droplets and run off the membrane, for example in the lid of cell culture containers, so that the membrane always stays dry, ensuring the necessary sterile air venting. This example of an application for cell cultures is just one of many.

Application examples

Life Sciences

  • Cell culture
  • Fermentation
  • Transducer Protector
  • Diagnostics
  • Analytics


  • Urine bags
  • Stoma bags
  • Ophthalmology
  • IV-Systems
  • Nasal spray

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Business Development
Life Sciences