Venting solutions for containers (Part 3)

The series "venting in containers" continues ... in our latest post: FLUXX® Vented Caps – made by SABEU GmbH & Co. KG.

In addition to our previously introduced product series of FLUXX® Degassing Inserts, we are offering further venting membrane solutions to deliver a continuous pressure compensation of containers such as bottles, canisters, drums, and IBCs, so that your challenges with swelling or collapsing containers are solved. Another high-quality venting solution is our line of FLUXX® Vented Caps!

The value of this product:

  • Our unique SAVE (SAfety VEnt) insert is already firmly welded into our closures (FLUXX® Screw Caps) for a ready-to-use solution for your containers.
  • The SAVE insert of our Vented Caps incorporates a 60° drip-off edge for rapid re-ventilation after contact with liquids – especially for highly viscous liquids.
  • In addition, this product meets the requirements of food conformity according to several international regulations – especially EU food, FDA, and MERCOSUR.

Our Vented Caps are available for thread sizes with DIN 45, 51 and 61 and available in several colors. Also, as a standard feature, all Caps are equipped with a molded on tamper-evident ring as well as an EPE sealing ring.

Customization is available upon request and realized through our own tool manufacturing department as well..

We look forward to supporting you in finding the right FLUXX® venting solution!

The series "venting in containers" will continue soon with more FLUXX® venting solutions ...

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