Our TRAKETCH® brand

Product solutions for ventilation, pressure compensation, filtration and more >

As specialists in the development and manufacturing of membrane and plastic components, we provide standard and tailor-made, high-quality products to business partners all around the world.

With our TRAKETCH® brand, we offer innovative solutions for venting, pressure compensation, filtration, and more in medical, laboratory, and highly sensitive electronic components.

Our track-etched membranes are not only incredibly smooth, but they can also be customized with hydrophobic and oleophobic surface properties. This means that they can effortlessly meet requirements such as splash and drip protection. In their hydrophilic form, these membranes are a perfect fit for fuel filtration and cell culture applications.

Whatever the application, our microporous membrane, TRAKETCH®, is completely crafted in-house; from product development and production to surface finishing, assembly, and customization. We continuously monitor the adherence of the defined pore size fully integrated into our manufacturing process. This enables us to guarantee high-quality solutions for your specific applications.