Interview with Mario Kauke

Look behind the scenes of SABEU – Part 7 and meet Mario Kauke.

Mario's journey started in 1998 initially contributing to our production department, progressing through roles in quality management, and currently holding a position in our purchasing department. When Mario is not negotiating with suppliers or inspecting orders, this passionate craftsman enjoys spending time with his family or on vacation – his escape from the versatile work routine of the office.

Mario, what axactly do you do in your current role and how do you use your cross-functional experience in your day-to-day work?

In my current procurement role, I benefit greatly from my extensive cross-departmental experience. Knowing many products, purchased or spare parts, from different departments makes my daily work easier. My experience often saves me from having to contact the relevant departments, whether for product queries or to find new suppliers – particularly valuable in quality management. As an auditor, I make sure that work processes are in line with standards, thus contributing to standard-compliant operations in all departments and facilities.

Reflecting on SABEU's development

When Mario joined SABEU, it was a small, family-owned business with around 50 employees. Today, 26 years later, SABEU has transformed into an innovative company that embraces cutting-edge technology. "I will never forget manually adjusting the injection molding machines with tools. Now it's all automated with monitors and control panels," he explains.

What do you appreciate most about SABEU as a employer?

I appreciate the flexible working hours that allow me to balance my personal and professional life, whether I work from home or in the office. In addition, the little perks like the water dispenser, coffee machine, seasonal treats like ice cream and the weekly fruit day make the work experience even better! I've also taken advantage of the company's bicycle leasing program. I appreciate SABEU not only as an employer, but more importantly the people behind it, who I enjoy working with every day!

Thank you, Mario, for your 26 years of service to SABEU. We are proud to have you on our team!

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