Interview with André Bierbaum

Look behind the scenes of SABEU – Part 6 and meet André Bierbaum.

Look behind the scenes of SABEU – Part 6 and meet André Bierbaum, our sole Measurement Technician – the expert ensuring that every component meets their specified dimensions.

André's journey with SABEU began in 2006 and today we look back at the past 16 years he has spent with us. Outside the world of the Quality Department, you can find him passionately playing or watching soccer and enjoying moments with friends and family.

When asked why he chose SABEU, André's answer refers to his first contact with the company during an internship while in high school. The pleasant working environment, coupled with his familiarity with the processes and products, made the decision easy for him.

We asked, “André, could you tell us how your journey with SABEU began?” 
“In my first years at SABEU, I started an apprenticeship as a Process Mechanic. From setting up machines to preparing tools for injection molding and even writing machine programs, my work was extremely varied. During my apprenticeship I worked in various departments, including dispatch and quality assurance.” 

As the company experienced significant growth (from around 60 employees at the time), his expertise became an integral part of the team. Although there were no vacancies in production, his move to the quality department marked a turning point in his career.
He worked as a Quality Inspector until 2015, when his responsibilities changed again in his role as a Measurement Technician. Now his tasks include production release, incoming goods inspection and initial sample inspection. His role has also shifted to a more project-based focus, handling tasks such as initial sample inspections for new tools. 

An interesting fact about his daily work: The indispensable tool of his trade is the measuring caliper, confirming that every component meets the specified dimensions. 

Thank you, André, for sharing a glimpse into your incredible journey at SABEU! We're lucky to have you on our team.

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