World Day for Laboratory Animals

Today is the "World Day for Laboratory Animals" , a significant occasion to raise awareness about the ethical concerns surrounding animal testing.  

At cellQART we have been committed to animal welfare and promoting alternative methods in research for years.

Do you remember our posts from the previous three years on 24th of April? We have highlighted the importance of advancements in alternative testing methods and the necessity for comprehensive ethical considerations. These discussions underscore that the pursuit of alternatives to animal testing is not only feasible but also urgently needed.

As we observe the "World Day for Laboratory Animals", let's remember our commitment to eliminate animal suffering while facilitating scientific progress. Let's work together to create a world where research can be conducted without the use of laboratory animals.

Visit our news area or cellQART academy in our webshop and still find our posters from relating to previous world days for laboratory animals if you have missed them.

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