Venting solutions for containers (Part 2)

The series "venting in containers" continues ... Do you already know about our FLUXX Degassing Inserts?  

The series "venting in containers" continues ... in our latest post: FLUXX® Degassing Inserts – made by SABEU.

The introduction article referred to challenges with swelling or collapsing containers. These challenges can be solved with FLUXX® Venting Solutions to ensure a continuous pressure compensation of containers such as bottles, canisters, drums, and IBCs.

Our broad venting product portfolio has a variety of high-quality solutions – one of those are our FLUXX® Degassing Inserts. The value of this product version: easy to install Inserts which are pressed into your closures – that's all.

Our Degassing Inserts incorporate a patented drip-off edge for rapid re-ventilation after contact with liquids. In addition, all products meet the requirements of food conformity according to several international regulations – especially EU food, FDA, and MERCOSUR. 

Depending on your individual performance requirements, we have the right product for you within our series F15 / F17 (with splash protection cap) / F38 (with splash protection cap plus increased airflow):

  • F15 / F17 / F38 for standard requirements with respect to airflow and WEP (Water Entry Pressure) – especially the test specifications set forth in the ADR regulations.
  • F17 HF / F38 HF (High-Flow) for requirements on a higher airflow performance because of high vapor substances in containers.
  • F38 EHF (Extreme High-Flow) for specific requirements on an extremely higher airflow performance because of extremely high vapor substances in containers.
  • F38 HP (High-Pressure) for requirements on a higher WEP performance due to heavy pressure situations in containers.

All products are available as snap-fit (LOCK) version as well.

We look forward to supporting you in finding the right fit!

The series "venting in containers" will continue soon with more FLUXX venting solutions ...

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