TRACK-ETCHED Membranes for drug pharmaceutical research

New insights in cell culture – dive into research with us | paper series part 1

In this paper, we provide an overview of TRAKETCH® membrane technology in the context of applications in drug discovery and development.

Our tissue-culture treated TRAKETCH® membranes are incorporated in our cellQART cell culture inserts and serve as excellent support for cell growth and efficient nutrient supply, with the added benefit of precise control of pore parameters – a critical pre-requisite to achieve reproducible results. 

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Source: Cuanalo-Contreras, K., Hogrebe, A. M. R., Teichmann, K. & Benkmann, D. Track-Etched Membranes for Drug Pharmaceutical Research. Chem. Ing. Tech. 95, 1372–1380 (2023).