Regular product trainings

Empowering our team through regular product trainings >

At SABEU, we are committed to fostering continuous growth and knowledge exchange internally in support of fully understanding our commitment to product quality. Last week, we had the opportunity to conduct another product training for both our new teammates and existing team members. 

With colleagues like David Rahlmann, Kevin Eckert, Sven Erik Sandvoß and Marie-Claire Herrmann we covered a broad spectrum and discussed several topics, such as:

  • What's new: Staying on the cutting edge of technology and innovation is key. Our team had the opportunity to dive into the latest advancements and extensions of our cellQART®, FLUXX®, TRAKETCH® and customer product portfolios.
  • Insights from sales: Understanding customer needs on a regional level is vital. We discussed valuable insights gathered from our sales team, ensuring that we remain responsive to our customers' needs.
  • Direction from production: We encouraged the exchange of ideas on product design and manufacturing, driving our commitment to excellence.
  • Product safety: Focus on the safety of our products is non-negotiable. Our training included in-depth discussions on product safety protocols and practices.

We firmly believe that a well-trained team is the cornerstone of our success, and that's why we invest in continuous learning and development.