Reflecting on BioJapan 2023

Reflecting on remarkable three days! >

What an inspiring experience for cellQART®! BioJapan presented a unique opportunity to engage with industry leaders, partners, and the broader biotech community in Japan. The interactions and feedback from our booth visitors underscored the importance of providing Japanese end-users with top-tier in vitro consumables, enabling reproducible results in cell culture-based experiments.

We were equally excited by the outstanding corporate innovation showcased at the German Pavilion and the impeccable support offered by the entire team. Our heartfelt gratitude to all involved. We eagerly anticipate our participation in the German Pavilion next year together with other German exhibitors!

The BioJapan platform isn't just about showcasing the latest advancements in biotechnology; it's about building bridges and driving innovation across borders and we are happy to be a part of this global effort.

As one of the oldest biotechnology exhibition (dating back to 1986), BioJapan has a rich legacy of promoting innovation. With today 988 exhibitors, over 16.000 visitors and around 500 partnering companies, it's a global hub for professionals across various sectors, including Pharma, Biotech, Regenerative Medicine, Healthcare, Food/Animal Health, and Bioeconomy/Manufacturing. The German Pavilion, which featured 12 exhibitors, was a standout showcase of international collaboration.