Pets of SABEU 10.2022

Who deosn´t love an adorable furry friend picture? SABEU would like to share our love for animals with you – Pets of the month: Poppy & Molly >

We have asked our team to send their favorite pet photo and story.

Take a look at these little cute Cavalier King Charles Spaniels – Poppy & Molly. Molly is called a Blenheim and Poppy is called a Ruby – that also describes her coloring and they both belong to our sales lead Jennifer Tanis-Hughes. 

Although they look pretty smiliar their personalities could not be more different! Molly, who is almost 10, sits perched on top of the couch all day like she is royalty and Poppy, almost 4 years, is constantly playing with her toys and looking to be held.

We would love to know about your pets, too! Feel free to post in the comment section on here on LinkedIn.