Pets of SABEU 04.2023

Who doesn´t love an adorable furry friend picture? SABEU would like to share our love for animals with you – Pet of the month: Ginger >

Meet Ginger, the furry alarm clock of our colleague Sandra Schild, Finance & HR Assistant

Ginger has a special talent for waking her people up, bright and early, every morning. If Sandra and her family aren't up by 5 a.m., Ginger makes sure they know it. In addition, Ginger doesn't like to be kept waiting when it comes to her morning meal!

Ginger is a beloved member of the Schild family. We hope you've enjoyed getting to know her a little better. Stay tuned for next month's featured pet, and in the meantime, we'd love to hear about your pets too! Drop us a line in the comments section here on LinkedIn >.