Wondering how micro-precise membranes are manufactured?

Read here about the ion beaming and chemical etching process of our TRAKETCH® Membranes.

It all starts with ultra-thin PC and PET films, that are bombarded with accelerated noble gas ions to break the molecular chains of the polymer. In this way ion tracks are created, that are clearly defined by their density and angles.

The next step is to chemically etch these ion tracks into precise pore channels. The diameter of these pores can be determined with sub-micrometer accuracy. Our in-line quality control guarantees 100% membrane consistency during the entire production process in our clean rooms.

  • SABEU’s TRAKETCH® Membranes are true surface filters. By using the right pore size your cells, microorganisms, and particles will all remain at the membrane surface for easy, direct and rapid testing.
  • TC treated TRAKETCH® Membranes provide an ideal surface for optimal cell attachment and growth.
  • TRAKETCH® VENT Membranes with a super hydrophobic surface modification are ideal for various venting applications, whether sterile or non sterile.

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