Introducing cellQART's Empty Well Plates: The perfect match for our cellQART Inserts!

Our new products the cellQART® Empty Well Plates are available. Learn more about our new product here >

We are excited to announce the launch of our Empty Well Plates, specially designed to complement our cellQART® Inserts. This dynamic duo will revolutionize your laboratory experiments and ensure precise and reliable results.

With our Empty Well Plates, you can now confidently conduct your experiments without any concerns about movement or contamination. The seamless compatibility between our Inserts and Empty Well Plates ensures precise positioning, minimizing any unwanted variables and allowing you to focus on your research.

The lowered edges of the well provide a snug fit for the Insert, keeping it firmly in place and preventing any disruptive movements. The 11°-rotated positioning of the well arms guarantees a clear separation between the wells, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination. Our thoughtfully designed features, such as embossed spots, distance holders, and condensation rings, provide an added layer of convenience and assurance.

Upgrade your lab experience with cellQART's Empty Well Plates and take your research to new heights of precision and reliability. Embrace the power of compatibility and unlock endless possibilities in your scientific endeavors.

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