Discover insights from Jennifer Tanis-Hughes!

Do you want to read more about Jennifer Hughes before you can meet her in person at Pack Expo Vegas?

Jennifer lives in the Mitten State, Michigan. She is our Sales Leader for the Americas (North and South America) and is successfully developing the markets with our FLUXX® Packaging products.

We asked Jennifer why she loves working at SABEU and she responded: “The team. We have a harmonious team that truly works together with a common goal, which is to serve the customer! We all take it personally to ensure our customers have a good and lasting experience.”

Jennifer, what you look forward to at PACK EXPO? “I love the energy and comradery you find at Pack Expo. Regardless of the venue, exhibitors are interested and helpful to one another and meeting the attendees is always exciting. We get such great questions, and we really connect with customers. We look forward to it all year.”

A personal fact about Jennifer: She has a habit of finding herself next to famous people. She has danced on stage with Prince, sat next to Jeff Daniels on a plane, met LeBron James at a bar in Chicago. She just seems to be in the right place at the right time. She invites you to visit her at the show, and you never know who she will be talking to!

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