Brands of SABEU

Explore our brands cellQART, FLUXX and TRAKETCH made by SABEU!

As a leading system provider of microporous filter membranes and injection-molded components, we develop high-quality products to customer specifications, manufacture off-the-shelf products and set our own standards with our cellQART®, FLUXX® and TRAKETCH® lines – all made in Germany.

  • A better way for cell culture with cellQART: We develop and produce our own cell culture inserts. Our goal is to enable our users to create a safer, healthier and more ethical world through the use of in vitro methods.
  • With the FLUXX brand, we eliminate the risks of hazardous materials. We offer high-quality dispensing taps, degassing inserts, vented and screw caps for various containers in a variety of applications. We are committed to excellence and can also work with you to find a custom solution that meets your unique packaging needs.
  • Specializing in the development of custom manufactured, track etched membranes, we are one of the few companies in the industry with such expertise. Our TRAKETCH membranes are primarily used for filtration as well as for venting in a number of applications and markets.