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Customization - SABEU Plastik & Membran Technologie

SABEU - Plastics and Membrane Technology

Tel: +49 5551 9101-00
E-Mail: info@sabeu.com


Depending on the application, TRAKETCH and PTFE membranes can be produced as rolls, sheets, punched round discs or in other outlines and shapes. Further processing into adhesive pads supplied on liners are other options.

  Roll widths from 8 mm to 300 mm
  Typical sheet sizes are 8 x 10” (200 x 250 mm)
  Typical disc diameters are:    13 mm (0.5”) 
                                                        25 mm (1”)
                                                        47 mm 
                                                        50 mm
                                                        90 mm (3.5”) 
                                                      142 mm
                                                      293 mm (11.5”)
  Other sizes are available upon request

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