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FLUXX® Tube Tips & Nozzles

FLUXX® nozzles and tube tips are made of PE-HD and are highly resistant to acids, bases, water, alcohols, oil and gasoline. Thanks to the non-polar and hydrophobic surface, our tube tips are particularly suitable for use with plastic adhesive, joint fillers and sealing compounds.

FLUXX® tube tips are supplied with metric thread sizes of:

  • M15 x 1,5
  • M20 x 1,5

and are compatible with the most common cartridges and tubes.

All raw materials and additives used for the production process are non-hazardous to the health, physiologically unobjectionable and in line with the EC directive 2002/72 as well as the German Food and Feed Code (LFGB).


Description Illustration Item Number Pack Quantity Dimensions
Tube Tips

M 15 x 1,5

721101 (PE-HD)
721102 (PP)
1 Euro pallet
= 140.000 pcs.
(20 boxes)
H 42 mm
thread M15 x 1,5

with Ø 45 mm plate

724101 (PE-HD) 1 Euro pallet
= 25.000 pcs.
(20 boxes)
H 90 mm
thread M15 x 1,5

with guiding spike, Ø 45 mm plate

725101 (PE-HD) 1 Euro pallet
= 30.000 pcs.
(20 boxes)
H 54 mm
thread M15 x 1,5

with thread
without thread

722101 (PE-HD)
722111 (PE-HD)
1 Euro pallet
= 15.000 pcs.
(20 boxes)
H 131,5 mm
thread 20 x 1,5
Description Category Size Type
FLUXX Catálogo de productos Product information 1.52 MB pdf
FLUXX Product catalog Product information 4.49 MB pdf
FLUXX Produktkatalog Product information 4.51 MB pdf
каталог продукции FLUXX Product information 1.62 MB pdf

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